Pick the Perfect Pumpkin

Posted by admin on October 2, 2017

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, the weather’s crisp and it’s time to visit the pumpkin patch. There are so many pumpkins to pick from; big ones, small ones, round ones, tall ones, orange ones and oranger ones. The list is endless – how can you possibly pick the right pumpkin? Here are a few tips and tricks to picking the perfect pumpkin for any occasion.


Pumpkin Carving – What time-honored tradition defines Halloween more than pumpkin carving?

  • Firm skin, but not too hard
  • Sturdy base to sit on
  • Light for its size and hollow sounding


Decorating – Your fall décor isn’t complete without a pumpkin or two, or twenty.

  • Avoid pumpkins with large defects
  • Pick a range of sizes and shapes
  • Use some gourds or a hay bale to add variety to your display


Baking – Whether you’re baking a pie or roasting the seeds, these tips will help you pick the perfect pumpkin.

  • Smaller pumpkins with dark orange skin
  • Still attached to the vine for a fresher pumpkin
  • Pick from the “Sugar Pie” pumpkin variety if possible


Pumpkin Smashing – There’s no need to be picky when it comes to these. Sometimes you just need to smash some pumpkins. We don’t need to know the reason.

  • Any weight pumpkin you can lift over your head
  • Catapult and sledgehammer optional
  • Have a smashing good time picking your pumpkin and please smash responsibly


Remember these tips, and you’ll be the smartest picker at the pumpkin patch. Have a happy and safe time this October picking those pumpkins!

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